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Highlights or Lowlights – Which Hair Colouring Option Should you Choose?

Oct 19, 2021

Hair colouring and hair styling bring in a drastic change in the overall look. If you are planning on leaping from being a blonde to a dark coloured brunette, then surely you might think twice before making the decision. If the hair colour goes wrong, you will end up looking completely different. Hence, smart women prefer opting for highlights or lowlights instead of complete hair colour transmission.

Visit a good professional salon for hair colouring in Dorking as they know the difference between both. You can either brighten your dull hair with pop up highlights or deepen the natural shade with lowlights. But, if you’re not a fashionista, then it’s difficult for you to make a difference between highlights and lowlights.

Highlights or Lowlights

Talk to your stylist and fix the same. The Majority of L’oreal hair salons in Dorking have expert stylists who can successfully create highlights and lowlights and make your hair look beautiful and elegant.

What are the Highlights?

If you want a dramatic change in your look, then highlights are the thing for you. Sliced sections of the hair are used, and the darker or lighter shade of the colour is applied to make the strand different from the natural shade. A brunette can add highlights of light colours like brown or golden. In comparison, a blonde can opt for darker shades. Either way, this styling suits every type of hair colour. For women who prefer a solid and brighter look, highlights are the best option. Depending on the type of look that you want to achieve, your stylist might suggest slowly, sunkissed or chunky highlight effects.

What are the Lowlights?

Unlike highlights, lowlights present a completely different look. It adds a hint of a dark colour to the existing base colour of the hair. For girls who have thin hair textures, lowlights are a great option. The lowlight colouring technique helps in creating a voluminous effect on the hair strands. Thus, once you’re done with the lowlights, your hair will look thicker. If you’re a person with light brown hair, then a lowlight is a brilliant option for you. Stylists don’t prefer using lowlights for the girls who have dark hair colour.  Since the concept of lowlight is to select a colour that is 2-3 times darker than the existing base colour, hence for dark coloured girls, finding a darker one becomes difficult.

At Darren James Bye, please create a new style statement with our unique hair colours from L’Oreal. Please book your appointment and let our experienced team of stylists help you with the best colouring options. Our stylists have attended special hair colouring courses and hence can help you select the perfect highlights and lowlights suiting your existing hair colour. For the best professional hair colouring services, visit us.