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How A Hairdresser Can Offer You a Cut Matching Your Face Shape?

Mar 23, 2023

Getting a stylish haircut is a dream of every individual. However, several factors may hinder them from reaching that goal. One of the decisive factors in getting a perfect haircut is face shape.

Why Go To a Professional Hairdresser?

When you go to a salon, the hairdresser will naturally look into some important aspects of your appearance. This includes checking your facial shape as well. Most experienced out-of-hours hairdressers in Dorking check this vital factor before trying a haircut.

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How to Get a Stylish Haircut According to Face Shape?

You can choose different types of haircuts according to your facial shape. This will be effective in reflecting your style and elegance perfectly. We discuss more about this in the following section of this blog.

● Square-Shaped Face:

These faces are spread out widely, where the width of the forehead, cheekbones and jawline are nearly the same. This makes the jawline the most striking feature of the face. As a result, the hairstylist would aim to accentuate the jawline more. The most popular hairstyles for this type of face shape are short bobs, wispy bangs and blunt bangs.

● Round Faces:

If someone has a round face, the width of the facial features, like forehead and jawbones, are devoid of any prominent angles. This makes the job much easier for hairdressers. Persons with a round face generally look younger than others. As a result, they can try more youthful haircuts like pixie cuts, short side bangs or lobs.

● Oval-Shaped Face:

People with this facial shape generally have a jawline that is a bit narrower than the hairline. This shape generally does not come with a certain angle or a prominent central point. As a result, one can try a wide variety of hairstyles that makes a face look well-balanced and proportionate. A blunt bob cut or a layered cut up to the shoulders can be a perfect choice for people with oval faces.

Before going to a salon, you should ensure that you check your facial shape. This will help you determine a cut beforehand that accentuates your style effectively. For better