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How Often Should You Plan an Appointment at a Hair Salon?

Jan 23, 2024

The question about how often you should visit a hair salon depends entirely on the condition of your hair. Frequent Salon visits can be avoided if you have healthy and well-maintained hair. However, if you are more into styling, it is better to schedule salon appointments now and then so that you can ask the hairdresser to check the quality of your hair and help you with proper treatment.

There are many Loreal hair salons in Dorking. However, the question remains about the reliability and authenticity of your best salon. Make sure that you stick to a single salon so that there are no issues with your hair’s changing treatment styles and chemical usage.

Here are a few tips that can help you plan your salon visit,

When should you plan your salon visit?

Yearly hair cutting

A major reason to motivate them to visit a hair salon is when they are thinking of getting a haircut. It is recommended to get a regular haircut within 2 to 3-month intervals to avoid damage or split ends. Moreover, to maintain the style that the hairdresser has set for your hair, you need to get it trimmed in three months.

Special hair colouring service

If you are planning a hair colour for your long, beautiful hair, scheduling an appointment with the salon is necessary. Hair colour is generally followed by hair treatment to retain the colour and improve the texture of the hair. Hence, even after the hair colour has been completed, you must book an appointment within 16 to 18 weeks to complete maintenance.

Hair treatment for unhealthy hair

If you find your hair becoming unhealthy, it is better to schedule an appointment with the salon immediately for hair treatment. The stylist will check the hair’s condition and suggest the proper treatment to restore the lustre.

Monthly salon visits

Sometimes, a monthly salon visit is a part of the regular schedule of many people. This happens when a person is loyal to a particular hairstylist and prefers to book an appointment with the same. A monthly hair salon visit doesn’t require any specific reason. The customer walks into the salon for a simple head massage, hair mask or spa. It is like a part of the daily regime and is generally scheduled at the end of every month.

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