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How to Make Your Child’s Haircut Fun and Comfortable?

Nov 18, 2021

Preparing toddlers for their first haircut is a difficult task. Irrespective of the thickness of the hair that your child is blessed with, children are not much enthusiastic about their first haircut. The mere concept of visiting a parlour and getting a haircut is completely new to them. It is difficult to make them accept reality; hence, pacifying a kid can get difficult during haircutting.

To make the process a success, it is necessary to take your child to child-friendly hairdressers in Dorking. With professionals who can get immense advantages. They have the knowledge and the experience of handling tantrums and noncooperative kids. However, it would help if you also kept a few smart tips in mind for D-day.

6 Tips to Ensure Smooth First-Time Hair Cut for Children

Carry a Separate Set of Clothes

Unlike an adult, children might get their clothes dirty, and left-over hair might wiggle into their clothes. This will make them cranky immediately. You must carry more than one set of clothes to ensure that you keep your child clean and make them cooperate with the hairdresser.

Bring in Pacifiers and Toys

It is always advisable to carry the favourite toy of your child wherever you go. This is something that keeps a kid busy while the hairdresser does the work. If your child is addicted to pacifiers, don’t hesitate to indulge them with the same. Professional parlours have options of distracting kids as well. However, the child haircut prices in such parlours might be higher than the normal ones.

Don’t Resort  to Coercion

Don’t ever force your child to cooperate during the haircut session. This can turn them cranky and make them behave violently. Rather than restricting them, be patient and try to distract them while the cutting session is on.

Carry Sufficient Food and Snacks

Feed the child with a sufficient amount of snacks and food, which will keep them busy. The major aim is to keep their hands busy throughout the process to don’t make any unwanted movements. However, avoid sugary and sticky items as this might make the situation messy.

Take Breaks in Between

Unlike adults, kids can’t sit through the process patiently. They need to explore and roam around the parlour. Allow them to do so. Take breaks in between the cutting sessions. This will keep them calm and help them cooperate.

Get Accompanied By Family

Bring extra people if you need to. If your kid is fond of any particular family member, then make them join the first hair cutting session. This will keep the kid calm, and the process will become smoother.

For child-friendly hairdressers in Dorking, visit Darren James Bye. Our hairdressers are trained to handle any kid. They can soothe children and keep them calm and relaxed throughout the haircutting process. Fix your appointment and make your child’s first haircut memorable.