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Short Fringe Haircuts For Men – Popular Trend in Men’s Hairdressing

Dec 20, 2021

Front fringes add an element of style and change the facial appearance. Women prefer fringes to hide the larger forehead. However, short fringes are a trend in men’s hairstyles. Men nowadays prefer to look handsome, so they are trying to experiment with their haircuts. Most of the men’s hairstyles are pushed up and over. A short little fringe in the front of the head can make a face look better.

Fringes disguise the larger foreheads and help older men get rid of the receding hairline. Moreover, experts offering professional Men’s hairdressing in Dorking opines men with shorter face shapes to get fringes as it changes the facial structure. Different types of fringes are available, and hence you can try the one which suits your face. Visit a professional for the perfect fringe that suits your face.

4 Types of Fringe Haircuts Suitable for Men


Straight Fringes

The straight textured fringe haircut is the most popular fringe, and this can be done on men who have long hair. The dressers generally keep the front fringes long and cut the sides and back with a razor. Ask them to blend the same with the existing hairs so that you can easily set the hair up when you’re going out.

Textured Crop

Loads of men are opting for this style nowadays. Crop fringe is made of a thick partition of hair with a good amount of movement. This type of fringe suits people with low or mid skin texture. This modern-day classic look works best if you have a thin face shape and medium hairline.

Messy and Wavy Fringes

The messy and wavy fringe is a versatile fringe that suits all face shapes. It requires little or no maintenance, and you don’t need to spend any time to set the same. If you’re tired of the fringes, you can easily push them back with some gel to fix the same. You can easily go for this fringe cut without any hindrances.

Caesar Fringes

As the name suggests, this fringe styling has been insipired by the Roman statesman Julius Caesar. This is majorly opted by people with a receding hairline. Neat, smart and professional – you can wear it without any complaints to your office. This fringe gives a natural look.

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