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Top Three Trending Men’s Hairstyles to Consider for an Edgy Look

Sep 16, 2022

The landscape of men’s haircuts evolves every year. From the latest trends to the classic styles, you can see myriad hairdressing styles this year as they come in different shapes and sizes. However, the real quest is about choosing that specific hairstyle that can level up your game. And to help you out, this blog details the latest hair styling trends you should consider this year before approaching a specialist in men’s hairdressing in Dorking for a fresh new haircut.

What are the latest hair trends for men in 2022?

A great hairstyle is undoubtedly the secret to feeling confident and presentable. So, you should always choose the right hairstyle that suits your facial features and personality. Following here are some of the trending options discussed.

Crew cut

Crew cut always offers a stylish and classy look and is in great demand these days. It can help you look sophisticated with the tapered sides and short hair on top of the head. As an appropriate style for all face shapes, you can either create a neat look or keep it messy and textured to look more natural.

High and tight

A high and tight hairstyle always goes right when you want to look more chivalrous effortlessly. As a classic style, it has a wide variety of versions you can further personalise as per your taste and preferences. This haircut looks great on oval, square, diamond, and triangular-shaped faces.


Mullet has become one of the popular styles in recent years, which looks great on wavy, straight, thick, and curly hair. It’s undoubtedly the ideal option to consider if you want to make a contemporary and sleek appearance. Whether looking for a trendy or classic look, you can choose from various mullet styles. While long mullets can offer you a stylish look with tapered sides, a mullet fade can also provide a unique look with short hair.

The bottom line

Always choose an experienced hair stylist who can never fail to offer you the exact hairstyle if you are looking for. Darren James Bye is the trusted name you must consider for professional hairdressing. As experts in hairdressing and grooming, we can help you guide the different hairstyles and choose the most appropriate one. Please contact us for an appointment now.