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Top Wedding Hairstyling Ideas that Men Can Try

Jul 17, 2023

Marriage is a person’s most significant life event, regardless of gender. However, when it comes to men, it becomes a challenging task to put up a stylish avatar and look their best during the day. Ultimately, it is an experience of a lifetime where one should wear their perfect look.

The Groom Should be On Their Best Look:

When talking about men’s style during weddings, we cannot ignore their hairstyles. It is one of the valuable elements that define the day. If you have booked your stylist, ensure they understand your requirements and make you look dapper and sharp.

Types of Hairstyles that You Can Try on Wedding:

To get the perfect hair on your wedding, you must collaborate with a trusted source for men’s hairdressing in Dorking. They can implement some fancy hairstyles, which we discuss in detail below.

● Textured Tousle:

The tousled wedding hairstyle is a cosy, informal hairstyle that can be perfect for young grooms. Though the style may seem a bit messy, it will add a cute, stylish element to your overall appearance. Ask your stylist to texture the hair before incorporating tousle.

● Subtle Mohawk:

Though Mohawk is generally avoided by a large number of grooms, it is a style that young men can try. It reflects their free, lovable attitude that makes all the difference. However, if you consider trying this style, ask your hairstylist to avoid spikes in the front of the hair.

● Buzz Cut:

The buzz cut is a regular hairstyle that one can try effectively during their big day. When it’s about a wedding, the front should be a bit fuller. The hairline should be square to add more style to the cut.

● Cropped Pompadour:

If you are well acquainted with the regular pompadour style, it is time to put it up a notch on your wedding day. It is the best style if you want to look dapper. Ask the stylist to trim the side hair to create a gradual fade-out appearance.

These are a few wedding hairstyles that you can try. These will surely make you achieve your best look on the big day. For any assistance, contact Darren James Bye Hairdressing. We are one of the leading salons for men’s hairdressing in Dorking. For more information, you can visit our website.