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Want to Retain the Look of Your Hair Extensions? Follow these Tips

Jun 29, 2023

Hair extension is one of the most exotic style statements you can try. It is a trendy hairstyling procedure that enables you to showcase your unique style and add volume and length to the hair. The best part of extending your hair is that there is zero application of harmful chemicals to make it look stunning.

Contact a Professional Hair Salon for Extension:

After extending your strands, it is important to follow a proper care routine. Your primary aim is to keep the style intact for a longer time. While caring for your hair extensions, you will experience a confidence boost throughout the day. You can also save a lot of money by frequently visiting the salon for extensions.

How to Care for Your Hair Extensions?

For valuable guidance from experts in hair extension, you can visit an L’Oréal hair salon in Dorking. Here are a few tips to maintain the length, volume and aesthetics of your extended hair.

● Washing the Extensions Properly:

Regular washing of the hair extension is the best care tip you can follow. Be gentle on the bonds, especially for the first 48 hours after their application. Try using a gentle shampoo or conditioner, and avoid using hair products that will deprive your scalp of its natural oils.

● Avoid Brushing Wet Extensions:

When you try brushing wet hair extensions, the strands may become tangled. It is one of the most uncomfortable situations leading to hair damage or breakage. Wait for the extensions to dry, then use a wide-toothed comb to brush the hair. Start combing the hair from the bottom and go all the way up.

● Avoid Sleeping with Wet Extensions:

When you get hair extensions, you must always be wary of their condition. This includes judging the state of the hair before doing any activity. If you follow the routine of going to bed after a comforting night shower, you may stop it for some time. It is advisable not to sleep with wet extensions, as the hair may get messy and tangled. Ensure that these are absolutely dry before you finally retire for the day.

These are a few tips that will keep your strands healthy after an extension. If you are looking for a source with a team of professionals in hair extension, contact Darren James Bye Hairdressing. We are a prominent L’Oréal hair salon in Dorking with years of experience in hair extension and other hairstyling techniques. For more information, you can visit our website.