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Steps to Calm Your Kid Before Taking to a Child Hairdresser

Nov 28, 2022

Whatever the opinion, it is a known fact that children tend to get frightened about a haircut. It is like a new experience for them that they are not willing to take. They may create every possible scene to prevent a grooming session at a salon nearby.

Why a Child Hairdresser?

You might relate to the scenario mentioned above if you have a kid. It is impossible to take your child for a cut. However, it is a crucial grooming session you cannot afford to miss. You can try taking your little one to a child hairdresser in Dorking to reduce anxiety.

How to End Your Child’s Anxiety of Haircutting?

You can follow specific techniques to calm your child before going for a haircut. These are mentioned in detail in this blog. Read the following section to know more.

Recognise their Reason for Anxiety:

Your child may be sensitive or reactive to a haircut for several reasons. As a parent, you should put effort into finding that reason. Try identifying their pattern of thought when you mention a haircut. This will help you identify the reason for the reluctance to go to a barber.

Set Expectations:

Many children oppose going to a salon after hearing negative things from their friends. This may put a negative emotion mixed with fear and anxiety. You may find it hard to calm your child if they behave like this. As a parent, you can create a positive environment and set some expectations from the session.

Shift their Focus from Haircut:

Shifting focus is a useful ploy to take your child’s mind off the negative thoughts of hairdressing. When you take them for a haircut, do not directly reach the salon. Take your child to a place where they can let off some steam. The site should be able to put some positive energy and calm your child down. The best bet is to visit a toy shop or a gaming parlour.

Role Playing:

It is helpful advice that will be beneficial to make your child understand the importance of visiting a barbershop. You can play the role of the hairdresser while your child is the customer. It brings fun and generates interest in your child big time.

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