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3 Ways To Help Your Child Survive the First Hair Cut Session

Jan 12, 2022

Haircuts are undoubtedly the best part of the makeover for every individual. However, this turns out to be a messy affair for the kids. Whenever you turn on any show, you’ll find a hell of tantrums that the kid’s throw during the haircut sessions. It seems to be an ordeal for the little ones, and since they don’t understand the value of hair trimming and styling, the buzzing clippers and the constant action with the scissors make them irritated and scared of the whole affair.

Thus, taking the kid to the best child hairdresser in Dorking is necessary to handle the first haircut session effectively. What to do if your kid bursts into tears suddenly during the hair cutting session? It is necessary to calm down the kid and make the haircutting session interesting. If they continue to nurture the fear within themselves, future visits to the salon will get difficult.

Overcoming haircut anxiety is a vital part of growing up. Here are a few tricks to help your child survive their first haircut without any stress.

Take the Fear Out of the Process

Make sure that your child doesn’t fear the process. Fear once inculcated into a child’s mind can make the child detest the process. Make a smart move and schedule a hair trimming appointment for yourself before your kid’s first haircut. Take them along with you to the parlour. Make the haircutting session interesting. When your kid sees that there’s nothing to fear and it is, in reality, a very funny and interesting process, they will start liking it also.

Give Wise Advice

Choose a wise set of words when you describe the process of hair cut to the kid. If your kid can understand language, then be careful about the type of words that you choose to describe the haircutting process. For instance, words like “cut” or “hair gone” can scare your little one. Alternatively, you can use positive words like “Trim, “clip”, or “hairstyling” to make the process seem interesting.

Find a Specialised Child Hairdresser

The best alternative to make the first hair cutting session interesting is to take the kids to a professional hairdresser who has the knowledge and expertise to handle a child’s tantrum.

With Darren James Bye Hairdressing, you can expect a range of exceptional hair treatments for your kids. Our child hairdressers are friendly and make your child feel relaxed and comfortable during the hair cutting session.