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How to Choose a Bridal Hair According to the Face Shape?

Aug 13, 2022

A wedding is probably the most important event in a person’s life. So, they must try their best to look on this particular day. It will be wrong to assume that a gorgeous dress or makeup is the only thing needed for a gorgeous look. Many ignore the effects provided by bridal hair styles.

What is Bridal Hairstyling?

To get the perfect hairdo for the wedding, one should try bridal hairstyling. It is a specialised hairstyling procedure dedicated to the brides and bridesmaids. It can make the hair look gorgeous and provide an extra shine. If someone chooses a bridal hairstyle, they should consider several things, including the face shape and hair type.

Hair Colouring Dorking

Perfect Bridal Hair Styles for Different Face Shapes:

There are different types of  bridal hair styles in Surrey. One can choose the one that complements the shape of their face perfectly. More about these are discussed in this blog.

  • Bridal Hair for Oval Face: Someone having an oval face shape should consider themselves lucky. They can try out nearly all fancy hairstyles at their wedding ceremony. It is not a problem if the person does not have lengthy hair. They can do well with fringes and messy hairdos. Tying a top knot, bun or braids can be the perfect styling effort as it can complement the forehead perfectly.
  • Bridal Hair for Round Face: A round, circular-shaped face is the easiest one to style for a bridal hairdo. The hairstylist can pull off any style, focusing on the extra bulk on the face. Loose and voluminous hairstyles are perfect for this type of face shape. However, the stylists should refrain from trying fringes or tied-up hairstyles as these will divert the focus to the face and make it look heavier.
  • Bridal Hair for Square Face: This is a unique face shape focusing more on the jawline and the cheekbones. One must try softer hairstyles that can remove the focus from these two parts. To test the perfect bridal style, one can try different curls. These can add texture to the hair and tenderness to the face.

By trying these hairstyling ideas, one can look dazzling on their wedding day. All one needs is styling assistance from a professional team of stylists. For this reason, they should visit a specialised source like Darren James Bye Hairdressing. We are a well-known L’Oréal Salon in Dorking with plenty of experience in bridal hairstyling. You can visit our website today to book us in for a bridal hairdo.